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Nudity v Prudity [All bets are off]

Fine Art Photo-Image by CM for i2i designs international.
Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Some of us, I am glad to hear, have evolved beyond the tiresome whinnying of those stuck fast in paralytic fear of 'ungodly' near nakedness.

How deep are their obvious issues- since clearly they are worried by perfectly fine displays of our animal selves. Duh!

Beneath our veneers we are all of us stark naked with nowhere to hide our hideous self-interested self-awareness. This is exactly why native or natural community empathy is being marginalised.
The mind-set and perverse arrogance of faithists made in 'His' image, with cocks and cunts. LOL.

Just really wish they were a tad less gobby with their righteous campaigns against what lame things offend them so. Bless. They are locked in ever-lasting child syndrome, feeding off of the fiction of religious texts and stories written for kids.

That they are well organised I have no doubt- coffee-mornings with laptops doing 'god's work' on social interaction sites like Facebook- routinely the province of American bullies who refuse to be anything less than ineffable.

Hilarious. People not condemned to living such pathetic lives are loathe to pity them but pity them we do.' CM 

Nice- nicer with a good meal inside them.

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AZTEC ANGEL: Fine Art by CM for i2i designs international.
Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
Mixed media on box canvass 3.8 x 3.8 metres.
Original signed and available at £7,650.

ONE WAY KISS TRIP or Random Notes from A Journal Of A Space Journey

[for Dan-Paul Flores]

blue eye to eye to your two eyes of hazel brown-green
I ease slow into flying us we
soar heavenly- above the down time-
earth diminishing a distant dot got insignificant
never before rendered so-
a past disaster object presently swift forgot
despite my sweet repeat remembering
night and day in neat perpetual motion
a poisonous snake giving head to its own tail
self masturbating

night as night as night nightly gets
set fair to part the witless from their wits
[the heartless from their tired hearts]
to have a white owl howl at vixens
on the prowl for moist passage to fecundity-
the droning moon a muddle of blue cheese and lies.
In darkness bless
the dim oblivion of moles, hills made, soil processed;
no mountains ever again to climb
or dealing with Mohammed as an unwelcome guest
his pit freshness suspect and the man's crimes made holy fish

day da dit come gaylord as a daisy bonny
air and grace alive with flitting pictures
showing femmehims just how life should be planned
to the 33rd absurd degree of club insanity-
the constant aping of a cracked construct- 'being free'-
the bounded sound of manwom all fuss and poorly rehearsed players
waving brass bassoons and carving tunes from earthly delights
and sin insinuating in like anything in the swim of self-interest
the din insufferable.
No rest. All of the arrested preparing to be lost hung out to dry
by day
at night in plain sight

truth in revolution thrust into the fires of felonious absolution

passing the unnatural passage of irritating ticks
we've not left sexual pleasure behind-
to arse away the time I suckle on the 'God' nipple
tumescent in my aching cake-hole

a meteor shower or was it jettisoned shit

a way-sign indicating years yet to Arcturus

this ship is small our minds both seriously tall wide as wide
touching every eye-lash fluttering on the rim of elsewhere

we fuck
laughid and lamentoid in messy congress
juice unloosed

[we wave clock-bots 'goodbye'
but its just a lazy and habitual semantic lie because
you cannot be with us if you don't exist-
canned canny Canute, our brute bastard offspring of vanity
who gave rise to high-rise religion, schisms and voodoo rhythms]

and the sun shrinks. Blink blink blink.
In our synapse gaps florescent frogs leaping landing
on lily pads. On thick green lily pads they write
of Monet's genius for near blindness-
his hatched eggs made far more desirable than gold.

Hell. We will both be old when we arrive home.

No natter there of battered families of trees
divided by tar ribbons driven through and through
to be hard ridden by mancunts in bland vans-
stuffed with the silence of transporting acquisitions
all switched off waiting to be incandescent in appalling malls
a faux attraction magnetic and luminous
but still not a patch on breathing glow-bugs
gorgeous and gorging on leaves in the fields of tobacco
grown to smoke, to spit, to sniff, to cock a snoot at pain.

Approaching the Pleiades we
recall vacation landing on the Maldives-
oil paint droplets let from nature's dropper
dropped into a vast salt puddle south of India
the land barely afloat ut vivid with
killer flotillas of allsort boats each one after
that same fat dollar swathed in coke dust
and the intimate spoils from a billion greasy palms-
manunkind as ever
damning paradise with perverse versions of events
relentlessly destructive and as populous as rats.
We loved those away days
with the beach crustaceans electric at dusk where we trod.
We loved and lost our love of Mykonos.

The stars the stars the stars- we have come this far
to be in absentia, to be in absentia is bliss a thing both above and beneath
the increasingly sophisticated radar of the masses
as they tune into unstoppable urban sprawl, feet in concrete,
the nauseous orgy of themselves crawling mewling need on need-

its why we left.
We left to seed uncluttered and non-structured Wicca
in the yacht ponds of a distant planet where we were once king
with no evidence of practicing hatred or feckless posturing. We left to leave.

Chris Madoch. August 20 2013. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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SODOMY- it's just a bigot's slice of propaganda. Wise up!!!

'‪#‎SODOMY‬- The bible's Old Testament reference to the city of Sodom is scant and Christ mentions this place once in the New Testament. It behoves us all to 'know' the extant evidence and, if you are a homophobe, weep at the fact that no city called Buggery ever existed.

The 'sin' of the citizens of Sodom was not in the least cited as sexual but rather refers to their lack of hospitality and their abiding loathing for outsiders. It is these characteristics, plus their renowned lack of charity and empathy for others, that Christ makes reference to with no hint of alluding to sexual practices. On this basis I know of masses of such 'sodomites' who keep it piously in their pants. LOL.

An ancient extremely homophobic scholar [they are not a new thing] wanted a vehicle to hang his bigotry on. He chose the enigmatic biblical references to Sodom and Gomorrah- urban sprawls between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, arguably the seat of all knowing. Knowing became the key construct in his propaganda- by his time 'knowing' had garnered a sexual implication to itself. And, indeed, today, the words 'know' and 'knowing' are in a growing group of terms that have multiple meanings- so writer and reader beware.

When the biblical passages were scribed the words 'know' and 'knowing' had no inference of intimate 'knowing' whatsoever infused in them. Their meaning then was 'to be open and presented up as plain'. Lot showed his daughters to the irate crowd that they may 'know' them, ie see openly in plain sight, that they were unafraid of the visitors that had so enraged the garrulous citizens of Sodom. It had little effect.
The visitors [angels or emissaries from God- the wrathful one] and Lot's family had to escape in fear of their lives. Such is bigotry gone wild.
God got cross and organised the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah- he/she/it threw 'his' super-powers out of his crib.
The idea that this was all about homosexuality and anal sex is a complete fib.

The scholarly homophobe is the one to blame. He totally invented the term sodomy. Through the centuries all the homophobic bigots rallied to his flag of zero empathy, zero human charity. With enormous irony, in truth, he was the first of billions of subsequent 'sodomites'- intolerant people whose 'sin' is intolerance.

However [returning to yesterdays theme of semantics] the word and the meaning stuck poisonously and remains in place today despite its total lack of veracity on any level.

All of your friends will be aware of the supposed sin of 'sodomy' and its connection to the legend of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are all sadly the victims of a prolonged campaign of misrepresentation of 'the word'.

You have been had. And because of your innate bigotry it will be nearly impossible to put you straight about it. LOL.

Do your own research and prove me wrong if you dare.' CM 

From Philo's own diseased mind:-

Philo Judaeus of Alexandria(c. 20 B.C- 50 A.D), a prolific author of Hellenistic Judaism who was educated both in the Jewish faith and in Greek philosophy and culture and a user the Greek Old Testament(the Septuagint) helps us understand what Paul had in mind in Roman 1:26 with “para physin“(contrary to nature)

In Special Laws Book III Philo wrote:

(37) Moreover, another evil, much greater than that which we have already mentioned, has made its way among and been let loose upon cities, namely, the love of boys, which formerly was accounted a great infamy even to be spoken of, but which sin is a subject of boasting not only to those who practise it, but even to those who suffer it, and who, being accustomed to bearing the affliction of being treated like women, waste away as to both their souls and bodies, not bearing about them a single spark of a manly character to be kindled into a flame, but having even the hair of their heads conspicuously curled and adorned, and having their faces smeared with vermilion, and paint, and things of that kind, and having their eyes pencilled beneath, and having their skins anointed with fragrant perfumes (for in such persons as these a sweet smell is a most seductive quality), and being well appointed in everything that tends to beauty or elegance, are not ashamed to devote their constant study and endeavours to the task of changing their manly character into an effeminate one.

(38) And it is natural for those who obey the law to consider such persons worthy of death, since the law commands that the man-woman who adulterates the precious coinage of his nature shall die without redemption, not allowing him to live a single day, or even a single hour, as he is a disgrace to himself, and to his family, and to his country, and to the whole race of mankind.

(39) And let the man who is devoted to the love of boys submit to the same punishment, since he pursues that pleasure which is contrary to nature, and since, as far as depends upon him, he would make the cities desolate, and void, and empty of all inhabitants, wasting his power of propagating his species, and moreover, being a guide and teacher of those greatest of all evils, unmanliness and effeminate lust, stripping young men of the flower of their beauty, and wasting their prime of life in effeminacy, which he ought rather on the other hand to train to vigour and acts of courage; and last of all, because, like a worthless husbandman, he allows fertile and productive lands to lie fallow, contriving that they shall continue barren, and labours night and day at cultivating that soil from which he never expects any produce at all.

On Abraham, Philo also helps us understand Genesis 19, Sodom and Gomorrah account :

(135) As men, being unable to bear discreetly a satiety of these things, get restive like cattle, and become stiff-necked, and discard the laws of nature, pursuing a great and intemperate indulgence of gluttony, and drinking, and unlawful connections; for not only did they go mad after women, and defile the marriage bed of others, but also those who were men lusted after one another, doing unseemly things, and not regarding or respecting their common nature, and though eager for children, they were convicted by having only an abortive offspring; but the conviction produced no advantage, since they were overcome by violent desire; (136) and so, by degrees, the men became accustomed to be treated like women, and in this way engendered among themselves the disease of females, and intolerable evil; for they not only, as to effeminacy and delicacy, became like women in their persons, but they made also their souls most ignoble, corrupting in this way the whole race of man, as far as depended on them.

At all events, if the Greeks and barbarians were to have agreed together, and to have adopted the commerce of the citizens of this city, their cities one after another would have become desolate, as if they had been emptied by a pestilence.

(137) But God, having taken pity on mankind, as being a Saviour and full of love for mankind, increased, as far as possible, the natural desire of men and women for a connexion together, for the sake of producing children, and detesting the unnatural and unlawful commerce of the people of Sodom, he extinguished it, and destroyed those who were inclined to these things, and that not by any ordinary chastisement, but he inflicted on them an astonishing novelty, and unheard of rarity of vengeance; (138) for, on a sudden, he commanded the sky to become overclouded and to pour forth a mighty shower, not of rain but of fire; and as the flame poured down, with a resistless and unceasing violence, the fields were burnt up, and the meadows, and all the dense groves, and the thick marshes, and the impenetrable thickets; the plain too was consumed, and all the crop of wheat, and of everything else that was sown; and all the trees of the mountain district were burnt up, the trunks and the very roots being consumed.

OMG! What a bender of the truth he was. LOL.

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BEAR LEE DECENT- fabulous alternative LGBTQ model photographed by Chris Madoch.

The truly FABULOUS bear model Bear Lee Decent- a muse of the LGBTQ photographer Chris Madoch...

Here's the link to the full set. If you are on Facebook do not forget to 'like' the page and leave a complimentary comment. Yay!

NEWS on the fab free-to-read website book SEX WITH STRANGERS by Chris Madoch. Fiction for adults [18]

The fine writer and reader of the human condition Richard Lee Fulgham kindly posted the following to the comments section of my website book SEX WITH STRANGERS:-

"In my opinion, nothing sexual is evil unless one party is harmed. Sex makes the world go 'round. It's Nature. However, I am very impressed with your apparent obsession with evil in the human subconscious. Evil persists in us, meaning the type of evil that deliberately hurts others. Watson's latest book correlates with your own findings, IMO. Most people IMO see me and dismiss me as an aging fart. Only a few can relate to my inner self, and you are one of these few."

I am very grateful for this opinion because it points to the underlying strengths behind these 25 short fictions for adults- seeing that light exists even in the darkest dark and, indeed, cannot exist independently of it.' CM ♥

'My intro to this website book speaks volumes- as it was intended to. LOL


‘In order for the light to shine brightly
the dark must be present.’
Francis Bacon

‘I matter much less than the matter of my
several works of creative expression. Fact.
To allow any spurious interest in ‘me’ to cloud
any path to an appreciation of my work would be,
I believe, seriously misguided.

Misguided people constantly vilify me on
social networks- I must be writing it too right
for them.
I hope they read this introduction.
My hope is that they read the entire book
and find their disabling delusions reflected
in the many stark mirrors of it.

Let me say this- intros to books bore me
so I shall be brief:
I do not suffer from the disease of faith.
I have no faith in the Freudian and Jungian
unproven interpretations of either dreams
or realities.
I share a belief, with a minority, in
father/mother NATURE, the power of
unconditional love and universal creative
collaborations. Without these things we would
not be here and without constantly exploring
the parameters of our understanding of such
things we run the risk of preparing our species
for extinction.
I share a belief in ‘truth’.
I am wired to be a truthist: the progenitor of
I do try my very best to trust.

This all makes ‘me’ immensely vulnerable
and an easy target in a sick society where
hypocrisy and lies have become a common
currency. But, I will by will alone constantly
make repeat attempts to be free to be me,
to allow myself the freedoms to create what I do,
to be free of all of the pain inflicted on me by you
and my countless experiences of you.
I have said enough, intimated a great deal.
My priority, as ever, is to let my work do the talking.

I find it hard to forget that these troubled times
we live in reflect the shameful lack of trouble we
purposely take to make them trouble-free.
Shooting ourselves in both feet we are
traveling nowhere fast."

When you spend seven years creating something- because that is your way of working, it is quite hard to treat your outpourings with the indifference that many self-published volumes continue to deserve.
I just cannot do it.
Instant 'books' choc full of cut-ups and piss poor faux poetry should not be aired- well that is a personal opinion: they should have the air around them properly sucked to the point of suffocation. LOL.
People who proliferate such publishings and their lame 'publishers' are systematically poisoning the art of reliable and genuine critique. What they see as revolutionary is in fact REVOLTING. LOL. The real literary jihad is the pure art of holding up a mirror to these pretenders and demanding that they see the ugly and delusional truth about themselves. Yee ha!
Blimey- it seems I do have a purpose in life.' CM 

Chris Madoch. West Sussex. UK. 26th July 2013.'


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‎'Put your hands up any heteros in the house. Ah bless. Now put your fists up any gays in the house! Wow! That's more like it- marvellous. I've got this day job, a nice little earner- sales rep for KY Jelly. Look- I know it's a stretch madam but this is supposed to be a laugh. Don't tell me your self-lubricating you're in the OAP seats.' CM

'The fossil stand-up with a walking frame, John Rivers- who thinks jewellery should yell CHEAP louder than fucking canaries on acid said of Yoko Ono- if she found her floating in her pool then she'd punish her dog. I knew that heartless bitch could be cruel to dogs.' CM


Soon to be in an HMV store near you- we wish. NO CHANCE this version with Lee Plonker was disbanded. It has risen like a phoenix from the fires of disappointment though. YAY!


It works. Course I have. Fab.


MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Such are the demands of Hollywood that Lily Collins has to continue to pretend that her former relationship with JCB is in fact alive. A little bird tells me it as a dead as a DODO which was a very big bird indeed. Ha. Just like the writer of Mortal Instruments. Believe me the best thing about this movie franchise will be LILY COLLINS who has just delivered the performance of her life in the soon to be released LOVE ROSIE. An Oscar nomination beckons I reckon. And yes, I am in a position to know. THE NEXT LAME DEVELOPMENT IN SELF-PUBLISHING Saddo outfits such as the much fanned ONEIROS BOOKS actually self-publish authors who are too cowardly, lazy, lousy or inept to self-publish themselves. HILARIOUS. Of course you have to get through the onerous filtering processes. Licking arse helps. Judging by this house's nauseatingly variable standard of output the filters in place are utterly worthless. The poetry editor has no understanding of POETRY per se and is a piss-poor poet by any standard. They openly applaud themselves for being revolutionary. Pathetic. They are but a further evolution of the self-affirmation model and the modernly sociopathic ego. Steer clear. Do not indulge their risible waste of tree.


until you're absolutely perfect at it.


with the total freedom to be and love who you are without complaint or restraint.





This is where the first tracks for the new band will shortly appear but meanwhile I will be showcasing songs from prior collaborations- this first one CALIFORNIAN QUEEN is from the album CERULEAN BLUE that I wrote with the genius Dominic Shaw. I do the spoken word and he does the lead vocals and instruments. He is not a gay man and is now heavily into ambient music. The album was loved by Phil Collins, Hit and Run Music and EMI- but eight years ago no-one had any idea how to market it.