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Flakebook may or may not be homophobic BUT it should take great care when deleting homosexual profiles without explanation.

Flakebook may or may not be xenophobic BUT it should take great care when deleting European profiles without explanation.

It will not have slipped many peoples notice that the new Facebook profile format has a larger area devoted to advertising than there was previously. Advertising is by nature INTRUSIVE and there is no hiding that fact and it enjoys NUMBERS. Facebook will be enjoying the revenue that this involuntary assault on the social network will supply. Never before in my life's experience has there been a clearer case of a capitalist driven organisation brazenly exhibiting that they want their cake and they want to eat it too. It is the response of a very spoiled child with behavioural problems- which pretty much describes the networks founder.

There is no limit for 'likes' or 'fans' to Facebook Pages- search the most popular and you will see that some have 25 million contacts attached to them. Imagine the revenue generated by the advertising on such pages.

There is however a limit for the number of 'friends' or contacts you can have on a personal profile page- currently that is set at 5000. Those with sharp eyes will know that, although it is is strictly against the rules, it is possible to have multiple profiles. I personally know of a few contacts who have at least 3 profiles with two of them maxed out. How have they managed this? Have they done a special deal with Facebook?

Facebook specifically say you are supposed to 'know' all of your contacts and that the profiles are fundamentally for the use of JUST family and friends. This is plainly ridiculous and not the case- if it were then the limit on contacts would be set far lower. Who do you know who actually knows 5000 people except by six degrees of separation. Facebook are trying to indicate that they are interested in promoting a family/friends social network- well, how very curious this is, when self evidently they are actually interested in RAW numbers which is what advertising revenue is all about.

Recently Facebook deleted my profile and with it 4700 contacts overnight without explanation- this I have learned is quite common practice. The idiots really have got themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. It is quite impossible to police Facebook arbitrarily with robots or minimum wage earners who enjoy following the neo-fascist rulebook to the letter- that is not policing it is dictatorship: there is no right of redress. So much for the USA having a constitution and a bill of rights. Facebook is in fact FACEWORLD and it operates on its own terms and very often those terms are in violation of basic human rights.

Make no mistake- Facebook want every personal profile to carry a max of 5000 contacts: that is how it will really make big bucks BUT at the same time it wants you to add those 5000 contacts according to THEIR rules. And these rules placate the middle american lobbyists who want to make the internet safe.

These rules will not permit you to:-

Add request strangers repeatedly (try more than ten and see what happens)
Send identical messages in bulk except from fanpages
Message strangers (try more than ten and see what happens)

There are rules about nudity, racial abuse, personal abuse, causing offence and spamming: typically for a monolithic organisation it is a very broad charge sheet. My Fanpages are set so that nobody under the age of eighteen can view them BUT even with that ethical defence in place I am still open to complaint from a user over eighteen. They may not be able to have my Fanpage taken down but it is remarkably easy for just ONE individual to repeatedly ask Facebook to remove my personal profile. It is my firm belief that the utter twits at Facebook too often get suckered into such actions by whackos such as those Baptists who run the website If you are a genuine creative artist there will be nutters out there who will take a dislike to you for some reason and these vindictive creatures have found that it is very easy to use the Facebook rulebook against the targets of their hate. Wake-up Facebook- without giving us a means of redress how would you know whether or not you are being patsied.

PLUS- and I kid you not, there are some luddites out there who mistakenly believe that, despite not making use of the privacy settings available to them, they are insulted when a 'stranger' dares to request to connect to them. These people can chose to report this action immediately as ABUSIVE- and they do. They have this quaint idea that the www is in fact their own front-room whilst not have the IT skills to keep themselves as private as they clearly want. BUT the point is that FACEBOOK cannot grasp this problem- they just go with the complaint.

NOW- my new profile is doing very well and I am extremely grateful to you all. However, did you know that when you suggest a connection to me ie a friend is saying that their friend would make a good friend, when I go to act on that I am immediately asked by Facebook 'do I know them'. ITS AS PLAIN AS DAY I DON'T BLOODY KNOW THEM- I AM BEING INTRODUCED TO THEM VIA A FACEBOOK DEVICE. Well, it seems this is a bad thing, and I have now been locked out of this facility for two days. Ridiculous- I want the numbers, my friends want me to be friends with their friends, Facebook wants profiles with vast numbers because they want they revenue. SO STOP BEING SO TWO FACED MARK ZUKKERBURG- you've made you're ill-gotten billions [it is a truism that no-one ever does that honestly] now face facts, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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